Life Coaching

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Life Coaching is the art of unlocking your potential to maximise your life, your results, your goals and your desires.

Be that in any area of your life….. Relationships, Love, Friendships, Work, Personal Satisfaction, The Self.

Its helping you to learn rather than being taught (or told what to do).

Its a relationship and a process where I, as the coach, facilitate your success through belief in your ability to find your own solutions.

Its based on a fundamental belief that you as the client know the answers.  You know what you need.

For lots of reasons we stop listening to ourselves or forget about ourselves and our wants and desires and we end up on a path far from who we really are.  Life Coaching can help bring us back.

Or perhaps you have some Goals you want to reach but no idea where to start to achieve them.  Life Coaching will help you identify what you need to do and you’ll agree to the next steps you want to take.

Or perhaps you are just off and you don’t know why.  Life Coaching can help you identify any areas within your life that need to be looked at and worked on.

Its not all about action steps. Sometimes its about assessing patterns of thoughts, old beliefs that are not serving you so you can have a more optimistic outlook on an area of your life.

Life Coaching is forward looking.  It’s different to counselling.  Counselling is an effective modality for people wanting to talk, to heal, to release the emotion of something.  Life Coaching can be used in conjunction with counselling for positive forward change or as a seperate modality for someone who wants support moving forwards in a particular area of their life.

Coaching enhances your ability to learn and take effective action.

In Coaching you will be asked questions that help you to open your mind to different possibilities, outcomes, action steps and change.

These questions will help you find your own answers.  When you come up with your own solutions and actions its very empowering.  Its actually a really natural and flowing process and it feels great.

Your belief in your self will grow as a result of the positive changes and work you do within and outside of the sessions.

Life coaching helps develop motivation and positive energy.

Life Coaching is very effective for bringing in change that is long lasting.

It will give you the confidence to change something that is not working for you and bring in to your life things that support and uplift you.

You will find your strength and courage. Its a place where you will truly be yourself and create your own destiny so you are in control. Feeling in control of our destiny, of who we are and where we are going, is a peaceful & empowering place to be.

You will break the journey into manageable steps for you,  you will challenge yourself without fear and feel confident, you will be able to think about outcomes and to actually reach your personal goals.

Coaching will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

In a nutshel…. Life Coaching can help you understand what you want and it will empower you to take the steps to get there.

It can bring about improvements of positive change to all areas of life be it work, family, relationships, yourself.

It really is a trust that internally you do have the answers, I just facilitate the answers from you and you create the path and the steps to move forward.


$25 per 15 minutes.

1st Session is an exploratory session to see if Life Coaching is a fit for you, usually takes around 45 mins  $75

Sessions thereafter usually 1  hour  $100 

Recommended sessions either weekly or bi weekly for best results to ensure momentum, continuity of flow and measured change.

Life Coaching finishes when you fee you’ve accomplished your goals, when you have got out of it what you want.

Some clients like to stay for a long time addressing many areas.  Some come with a specific area and finish when thats accomplished/ resolved.

Life Coaching sessions are always available to go back to at any point if needed.


*  Online Skype / Zoom or over the phone sessions are available.  These sessions are just as effective.  Prices same as above.